You know that feeling. When you wake up somewhere you don’t recognise. On a floor, a sofa - somewhere random. First thing you do? Check your phone, your cards, your keys. Passport if abroad.

Those essentials are a start. 

They’re not the hangover cure or the time machine you might actually need. But they are a base. They’re the things you need to begin extracting yourself and to start the day.

If you’ve ever gone through a big break up - and I’m guessing you have - you’ll know that there is about a month that feels like this. 

You don’t recognise where you are or even who you are. You need to run a check. Only it’s not for your essential things. 

It’s for your essential people. 

This project is the inventory I did after the break up that happened to me at the start of 2015. It’s the people who I need. They’re my cards, keys, passport and my phone. 

I don’t know all of them. How could I know a Japanese novelist who died in 1972? They’re people who - assembled together like this - make me feel earthed, like I have what and who I need to peel myself off the floor and get down to the street. 

Expressing this through skateboards felt right. When you’e a sponsored skateboarder, you get your name on a deck. You get a Pro Model. It’s a big deal. You turn Pro. You get sponsored. 

Well I wanted to sponsor these people back. After all, they’ve sponsored me. Also I just love skateboards. When they’re etched like this - with lasers - they smell like toasted Maple Syrup. 

I started skating when I was 14. I still skate. I’ve actually improved recently because I don’t care if I get hurt any more. I feel like if I’m doing what I need to do then I can just suck up a bit of pain. 

And that is exactly what this exhibition is about. 

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